Poland has a unique and luxurious cuisine. Every self-respecting adamba foodie should try Polish food to become more acquainted with its great culture. Polish cuisine is rich in various kinds of meat as well as its delicious sausages. Polish dumplings, made with thin dough, can be filled with a variety of stuffings: from meat to mushrooms or even seasonal fruit. These dumplings are often served as a Christmas traditional dish. Zurek is another well-known Polish dish, which is appreciated and well-recognized all over the world. The only other soup that could compete with Zurek’s delicious taste is “white borscht” (a related soup with slightly different ingredients). Thankfully, European Specialties offers a great selection of polish ingredients so you won’t have to choose one over the other. Instead, you can make both! Our online grocery store includes the most well-known polish products. If you want to order Polish products, European Specialties is glad to be your primary source, offering a wide assortment of food to buy. Are you interested? Read a list of products and do not miss the opportunity to try new arrivals which will significantly extend the assortment of our grocery store.

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